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Unpatchable security flaw found in popular SoC boards
8/20/2019 08:14:15 AM
Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ SoCs are normally used in automotive, aviation, consumer electronics, industrial, and military components.
Vulnerabilities in Google Nest Cam IQ can be used to hijack the camera, leak data
8/20/2019 07:28:16 AM
The indoor security device was subject to bugs which threatened user privacy.
Adult website data leak connected private users to content uploads
8/20/2019 05:26:00 AM
An open database provided full access to user emails and the content they uploaded, liked, and shared.
Facebook awards $100,000 prize for new code isolation technique
8/19/2019 08:27:00 PM
Facebook awards the 2019 Internet Defense Prize to a team of German researchers for their work on ERIM.
Twitter bans 936 accounts managed by the Chinese state, aimed at Hong Kong protests
8/19/2019 03:51:00 PM
Twitter will also stop accepting ads paid for by state-run news agencies.
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